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Protective orders available in a domestic violence matter

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2022 | Domestic Violence

While love can come with heartbreak and unfavorable emotions, love should never physically hurt. Unfortunately, this occurs far too often between intimate partners and family members. Domestic violence is a difficult situation to deal with and heal from. Thus, it is vital that you understand your rights when it comes to stopping the abuse and getting the help that you need to protect yourself.

Getting legal protection

At Northwest Family Law, our attorneys understand the trauma and complexities that go with a domestic violence matter. This is why our law firm works diligently and empathetically with victims seeking legal for their issues.

In the state of Washington, victims of domestic violence are afforded various avenues to seek and gain legal protection through the courts. Depending on the situation, the level of threat and the ultimate goal of the victim, one of these legal protections might be more ideal than the others.

Types of protective orders

In cases where the victim hasn’t suffered physically but has suffered threats, harassment or stalking, it may be appropriate to seek an anti-harassment order. In matters where a criminal case occurs and you press charges against your abuser, you can get a no-contact order.

If imminent harm is present, a victim could seek an immediate restraining order. These are granted on an emergency basis and are only temporary. The final type of protective order is a domestic violence protection order. This requires an evidentiary hearing, and when granted, it provides a powerful legal protection. Additionally, if a child is shared between parents, this could impact custody of the child by the abuser.

Domestic violence is a complex situation, making it difficult for some to speak up and get the help they need. Nonetheless, help is available, even if you seek to understand your legal rights and options. You never have to deal with this alone, as a legal team can work by your side while you navigate this difficult time.