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Planning your vacation while coparenting

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2023 | Child Custody

The year has just begun, but many Washington families have already started planning activities for the year. Going on a family vacation while the kids are out of school is one way for families to spend time together. But, if you are divorced or separated, planning vacations can cause conflict between you and your child’s other parent.

As you create your parenting plan, it is important to account for possible vacations. Consider the following questions.

When can I take my child on vacation?

A vacation schedule is often an essential part of a parenting plan for child custody. The parenting plan may specify:

  • Specific dates for each parent to take the children on vacation.
  • Total number of vacation days per year for each parent to spend with the children.
  • How much notice a parent must give before taking the children on vacation (typically 30 days).

What are the limitations to these vacations?

In addition to scheduling vacation time, you can also put rules in place specifying the conditions of the vacations you and your ex can take. Some of these conditions may:

  • Specify how often the parent can communicate with the child while the child is on vacation with the other parent.
  • Specify which locations can or cannot be visited on vacation.
  • Specify which activities can or cannot be done on vacation.

If you and your ex can come to an understanding regarding vacation time, you can avoid many disagreements. A family law attorney can help you figure out the best way to address vacation in your parenting plan.