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Demystifying The Divorce Process

Divorce can seem scary and intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. The more you understand what to expect, the more at ease you can feel about the road ahead.

We at Northwest Family Law, P.S., can serve as your guide and advocate on this major life journey. We demystify the process, explaining the legalities in ways that make sense for you and your situation and providing thoughtful guidance to help you make informed decisions. We don’t want the divorce process to derail your well-being or future. It is our belief that with a strategic approach grounded in your goals and vision for the future, you can move forward in a positive direction toward the life you deserve.

What To Know About Divorce In Washington

There is no cookie-cutter pattern for divorce cases. Your case could take many different paths, depending on your circumstances.

Generally speaking, however, the process involves:

  • Filing a divorce petition in the appropriate court
  • Addressing any temporary orders for spousal support, child custody (parenting plan) and property issues while the divorce case is pending
  • Conducting discovery to gather the appropriate documentation and evidence needed to resolve all of the outstanding issues in the divorce case
  • Pursuing mediation to try and reach a favorable settlement outside of court
  • Litigating any unresolved issues at trial
  • Obtaining the final court order
  • Pursuing any appeals

Some types of divorce cases are more easily resolved outside of court, without the need to pursue litigation. Our lawyer can advise you of those options in your case.

Post-Divorce Issues

Even after the initial divorce case is resolved – whether through mediation or trial – that isn’t necessarily the end of the road. As your life progresses, changes might arise, requiring you to revisit the existing divorce decree with regard to issues such as:

You may need to request a modification to get permission to relocate, for example. Or you may find yourself defending against your ex’s motion to modify the original order. You may also need to pursue further court involvement to enforce the existing order if your ex refuses to comply.

How Long Is The Divorce Process?

The average divorce takes about a year from start to finish, but it’s impossible to guarantee any particular time frame. Numerous factors can impact that timeline, including:

  • The complexity of your case and the number of issues involved
  • Whether you and your ex are on good terms and able to reach agreements outside of court
  • Whether complicating factors such as domestic abuse are at play

Washington imposes a 90-day waiting period in divorce cases, which means the court can’t file a final order within 90 days after the initial petition.

Work With A Divorce Team That Is Focused On Your Goals And Needs

It goes without saying that divorce is a major life step. You deserve a team of professionals by your side through all stages of the process.

Here, you will find a forward-thinking attorney who is committed to putting you first. We know the road ahead – the many twists and turns it may take – and we are here to help. We hope to ease your concerns and make the transition much less daunting.

We invite you to reach out to our firm in Bellevue for more information about how our lawyer can help you move forward toward a brighter future. You can also call us at (206) 792-0981 to get started with an initial consultation.