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A protective order and divorce are just two steps for abuse victims

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2022 | Domestic Violence

The two common methods of getting out of domestic violence are a protective order and a divorce. Many believe that this will offer a path to a violence-free life. Unfortunately, according to researchers, this is simply not the case for many victims. Indeed, many suffer for years after leaving an abuser. Horrifyingly, others suffer for decades.

Economic abuse

In many cases, once the victim leaves, the abuser immediately retaliates. Since they can no longer do so physically, the quickest and easiest way to strike is through their victim’s wallet. This means that if you share an account, they may try to close it down or withdraw all the money. If you share credit cards, they may do the same: close it down or max it out.

They may go further to hurt your credit by filing dozens of applications for new credit and loan accounts. They may also take you off accounts that are tagged to your Social Security number, and then, stop paying those bills to further hurt your credit.

Legal abuse

Once there is even a whiff of your plans to go, you may find your abuser using the legal system against you. They may claim that you engaged in domestic abuse and child abuse and ask for a restraining order. It may seem like the ultimate gaslight, and it is, but legal abuse is real.

Emotional abuse by proxy

While they may not be able to speak with you directly, they can affect you through proxies. This is done by spreading rumors and lies to your loved ones and your Kirkland, Washington, coworkers. They know that, given enough drama or issues, most employers will choose to just let you go. It is not fair, but it is a common tactic. If they have your login information for anything, they will take it over and then, make you look terrible.

What to do

Plan and speak up. Talk with your friends and family to make sure they know what is going on and discuss exit strategies with your Kirkland, Washington, attorney. Do not expect just getting a protective order and a divorce will solve your problem. Though, if you plan your exit now, you can mitigate the damage your soon-to-be ex will cause in your new, happier life.