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Fighting For Protection For Domestic Violence Survivors

Domestic violence is far too common in intimate and family relationships. Approximately one in eight people – or 15% of the population – will experience domestic violence during their lifetime, according to the Washington State Health Assessment. If you have suffered abuse at the hands of a current or former romantic partner, you’re not alone.

We at Northwest Family Law, P.S., help survivors of domestic abuse leverage legal tools to stop the abuse and protect themselves from the abuser. Our founding attorney, Monica Chin, devotes her practice entirely to family law so she can help people overcome these kinds of challenges. She understands how domestic violence impacts divorce, child custody and other family law issues. She is a powerful advocate and passionate defender of those who have suffered this kind of tragic harm at the hands of someone who claimed to love them.

Obtaining Legal Protection Against Domestic Violence

Washington law allows victims of domestic violence to seek legal protection through the courts. Depending on your situation, that might mean pursuing one or more of the following orders:

  • A domestic violence protection order (DVPO), which involves an evidentiary hearing. If granted, it can provide you with powerful legal protection, but it can also impact your custody case in unforeseen ways. For this reason, it’s wise to consult with a lawyer first.
  • An immediate restraining order, which can be granted on an emergency basis if you’re in imminent harm. These are temporary orders, and you will need to seek a DVPO for more long-term protection.
  • no-contact order, which can be granted as part of a criminal case. This is an option if you press charges against your abuser.
  • An anti-harassment protection order, which may be appropriate if your abuser hasn’t physically harmed or threatened to harm you but is engaging in harassment or stalking behaviors.

Our attorney can help you evaluate which type of order to pursue for your situation and advocate for you through all stages of the process.

Let Us Help You Find Safety

You deserve to feel safe – and to have the legal protections in place that are necessary to accomplish that. We can help. Contact our office in Kirkland at (206) 792-0981 or send us an email to learn more.