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Who We Are

Our founding attorney, Monica Chin, started Northwest Family Law with one goal in mind: to turn the pain of divorce into hope for a brighter future. We achieve that by developing and guiding our clients through a strategic plan tailored specifically to their circumstances and goals.

Monica’s passion arose from her firsthand experiences. As she says, “I was forced to grow up way too quickly as a child. My parents divorced when I was 5 years old. Their relationship was extremely toxic and their hatred for one another only grew after the divorce. I remember both of my parents taking little to no responsibility for their own actions. I remember what that did to me as a kid. Memories of Christmas and holidays were fraught with conflict and filled with angst. I always felt caught in the middle.”


  1. We can only achieve the life we truly want when we embrace our true selves. At Northwest Family Law, we will always we open and honest with you, giving you the best advice for your specific situation. We will always be transparent and authentic with you, and expect the same in return.
  2. Going through a life-changing event such as divorce can be traumatic. We fully understand this and are here to support you. But we aren’t just looking at the short-term consequences for you. When you leave our firm, we want you to be fully equipped to live a life better than when you found us. The life you truly deserve.
  3. Out of pain comes growth. Growth leads to new beginnings. At Northwest Family Law, we are constantly growing as a team and as individuals, keeping up with the latest trends in the law and challenging ourselves to do more. We find that our most successful clients are the ones who embrace the growth that comes from life’s most challenging situations.

Our Team

Photo of Monica Chin

Monica Chin

Founding Attorney

Headshot of Mitch Polonsky

Mitchell Polonsky


Photo of attorney Cambre Roberts

Cambre Roberts


Cecilia (Yatong) Ju

Cecilia (Yatong) Ju


Headshot of Denise Hansen

Denise Hansen


Photo of Michelle Alexander

Michelle Alexander

Managing Paralegal

Headshot of Cydney Fermstad

Cydney Fermstad


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Wendy Vick


Photo of Nikki Turney

Nikki Turney

Legal Assistant

Photo of Sarah Crawford

Sarah Crawford

Front Office Administrator

Photo of Mariah | Intake Specialist

Mariah McDermott

Intake Specialist

You Love Your Family. We Love Helping You.

That passion is what drives us at Northwest Family Law. We are focused on guiding our clients and their future generations towards a brighter future. We recognize the extreme stress that going through a divorce or custody battle can cause. But we also believe that there is hope. As Hemingway wrote: “the world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places.” We believe that each of our clients has the power to build the future they desire, one that is stronger and better than before. We are here to help you find it and fight for it. We are your advocates. We are your allies.

A Strategic Partner For Your Family

We will guide you through every stage of the process. We explore every option, every avenue available to you that can make the process as stress free as possible while still ensuring that your goals are met.

In many cases you can select the process that is best for you and your circumstances. We will explore alternatives to court and your best path toward the resolution you seek. We have extensive training in mediation and arbitration as alternatives to court. We will explain how they work and what is required from you.

However, not every case can be settled. When court is necessary, we will not back down. We know how the court system works and we will be your biggest ally and advocate in the courtroom.

Our pledge is that we:

  • Will always have a personal connection with every client
  • Will deliver first-class service on every matter
  • Will strive for a deeper understanding
  • Ensure that our clients feel cared about

Our goals are that we:

  • Help every client build a better life
  • Empower our clients to take control of their futures
  • Provide peace of mind
  • Instill a sense of hope for the future
  • Protect the children’s best interests.

We achieve all this – and more – through a process of strength and compassion as we take our clients from thinking of themselves as ‘we’ to ‘me.’

We look forward to guiding you to the brighter future, the new life that you deserve.

If you need personal legal help, we’re here for you. Call (206) 792-0981, or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation.