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Create The Parenting Plan That Suits Your Needs

Nothing in the world is more important to you than your children. You want them to have stability and happiness — but your separation or divorce has left you feeling uncertain about their future. If you are currently trying to reach a parenting plan that suits you and your children’s best interests, rely on the counsel of Northwest Family Law, P.S.

Our firm helps parents throughout Washington state who need assistance with child custody issues. We exclusively practice family law, so we have numerous cases involving custody and parenting plans under our belts. We will work closely with you to create a parenting plan that suits you and your children’s best interests.

Through it all there is one constant – the needs of the child always comes first.

Custody & Parenting Plans

Discussions about the children, especially who they live with and when, are usually the most emotional component of a divorce. Developing and keeping a parenting plan is fraught with pitfalls. Northwest Family Law will work with you to do everything possible to ensure you avoid them.

The attorneys and staff of Northwest Family Law are committed to placing our clients in the best possible position to make decisions about their children. We will make sure you thoroughly understand your rights, options, obligations, and duties under Washington law. You will know what the courts are looking for.

Our clients understand how vital it is that children retain healthy, stable relationships with the adults in their lives, barring unusual circumstances.

Our priority when negotiating a parenting plan during a dissolution, a custody modification, or bringing a contempt for non-compliance is what is best for you and your child.

Northwest Family Law is committed to helping families through the many issues surrounding custody and parenting.
You have an opportunity to get this right, for you and your children, we will ensure you do.

What If My Parenting Partner And I Are Unmarried?

Many unmarried couples in King and Snohomish counties raise children together. If you and your child’s other parent are separated or divorced, then you have many unique needs that may require the assistance of an attorney. We can guide you as you establish paternity, create a parenting plan, and seek or pay child support.