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Helping domestic violence victims obtain protective orders

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Violence or abuse in an intimate or family relationship is far too common in society. Often, if one has not fallen a victim to domestic violence, it is likely that they know someone who has. With one in every eight people experiencing domestic violence at some point during their lifetime, victims are not alone when it comes to seeking help. The impact of domestic violence can be tremendous, amounting to long-term emotional and mental trauma as well as the immediate need to be safe.

Helping survivors of domestic violence

At Northwest Family Law, P.S., our attorneys are experienced in a wide range of family law issues. Thus, we have the tools to guide Washington state residents through this difficult situation, helping victims obtain the protection they need and require to move forward and live in safety.

Different types of protective orders

Depending on a victim’s situation, one of the following four protective orders may be more appropriate than the others. If a victim seeks a domestic violence protection order, this will involve an evidentiary hearing. This order, if granted, can provide a victim with powerful legal protection. It should be noted that this could impact child custody matters, so a victim must understand if and how this could affect custody orders.

The next is a restraining order. This can be granted immediately; however, they are temporary. If one seeks to make it more long-term, a domestic violence protection order will be necessary.

Another option is a no-contact order. This is typically granted in a criminal matter when a victim presses charges against their abuser. Finally, a victim could seek an anti-harassment protection order. These are appropriate in situations where an abuser has not caused physical harm or has threatened to harm the victim but has engaged in harassment or stalking behaviors.

Being a survivor of domestic violence, is major, as you have escaped a scary, emotional and unsafe situation. However, getting away from the situation is only part of the story. At our law firm, we understand the need for legal protection when falling victim to domestic violence. A protective order can serve a victim well, and our experienced attorneys are well versed in the various types of protective orders offered to victims of domestic violence.