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What makes the idea of getting a divorce so scary?

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2024 | Divorce

Divorce represents a significant life change and can be an intimidating notion. Those with apprehensions about ending their marriage may wind up suffering in the relationship for longer than necessary.

Spouses mulling over leaving their partners should contemplate why people dread divorce so strongly. In the process, they may realize their concerns are not dire.

Impact on children

Parents often fret over how a separation will affect little ones. The idea of upending their lives and the possibility of not being able to see them every day can be a significant source of anxiety. Fortunately, the worst outcome is unlikely, as family courts focus on doing what is best for the children.

Financial uncertainty

Divorce can lead to fiscal instability. The prospect of dividing assets, potentially losing a second income and paying to set up a new household, all at the same time, can be daunting. This monetary unpredictability is especially concerning for those not the primary earners of their households. Luckily, the divorce process aims to allocate money and resources equitably between both parties.

Social changes

Divorce sometimes leads to shifts in interpersonal dynamics. Friendships and family relationships may strain. Further, the prospect of being alone is bound to increase reluctance toward getting a divorce. Discussing such matters with others is one method of helping put these concerns to rest.

Emotional turmoil

Divorce often involves a rollercoaster of emotions, including grief, anger, resentment and fear of the unknown. The thought of navigating complex feelings while making significant life decisions could be overwhelming. Seeing a psychologist provides coping tools for staying in control.

The possibility of divorce is often anxiety-inducing, yet the problems are more easily surmountable than they may seem at first blush. Once one recognizes this fact, beginning the next chapter of life becomes a possibility.